Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama

Let’s go down to Uncle Impy’s Monkey paw jamboree! Howdy folks, who’s your favorite Imp? Let me introduce you to our sorority posse! Yeah, I stole those lines from the “Lester’s Possum Park” scene in “A Goofy Movie”. WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT?! Nothing…and like it! What are we actually here to talk about? That’s right, Sorority Babes. Mmm, babes…pledging to sororities…Sorority…babes. Sorry, where was I? Before we get into our actual post, here’s some easy listening to read the rest of the post by. Enjoy. Who are our sorority babes you may be asking? Well, we have two, Taffy and Lisa. They want to pledge to Pi Chi Omega, no wait, that’s not right. They want to actually pledge to Beta Theta Pi. Shit, that’s not it either. I got it…they want to pledge to Feltya Delta………………..shit that’s still incorrect. Audibly, they want to pledge to

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I’m going to be completely honest with, you, dearest reader. I’m not sure who failed who more. Bud Mackentosh and Doyle Johnson to society, or society to Bud and Doyle? Oh, don’t be mislead, in Bio-Dome they saved the day, re-established homeostasis to Bio-Dome Mall, and mostly stayed faithful to their girls outside the trouble bubble, but consider our modern world that has come since. Warning: All hell is breaking loose No, seriously, think about it. We have politicians who don’t give a fuck unless you pay them enough, climate control is still, STILL a hot topic issue, and I say that with as big of a pun face as I can, despite the dire situation. Cats and dogs got along, Falkner has no dick, Doyle didn’t start the fire but thought it was pretty cool. Sorry Billy Joel, we still don’t have any leads. Regardless, our Homo sapiens actual

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Transylvania 6-5000

Are alien creatures using your body for sex while you sleep? No? Does that make you feel inferior and not attractive enough for them? I wouldn’t worry about it, that’s just a sensationalist headline from the tabloid paper that our intrepid heros work at.