Yo, UANM Poll Four calling

Here we go again on our own…wait that doesn’t make sense, we’re not alone. I have all of you, my hopeful voters. You know how to work a poll, let’s get your thoughts. What will I watch!?!?!

You have until the Midnight December 5th. Let’s do this.

Trailer Dump post: https://upallnightmovies.com/poll-4-trailer-dump/


Movie Choice 4

What is the fourth movie we should cover on Up All Night Movies?

Thanks for your answer!

Transylvania 6-5000

Are alien creatures using your body for sex while you sleep? No? Does that make you feel inferior and not attractive enough for them? I wouldn’t worry about it, that’s just a sensationalist headline from the tabloid paper that our intrepid heros work at.

Movie Number 3 Winner

You made your voices heard, and I appreciate you all for that. The third movie that will be covered on the site here is…Transylvania 6-5000! Poll results Total votes cast: 18 4th place: Bad Taste with 0 votes 3rd place: Fancypants with 2 votes 2nd place: Sharktopus with 7 votes WINNER: Transylvania 6-5000 with 9 votes You know what this means…time to get to watching soon.

Al Right Questions: Jessica Cale

Welcome to “Al Right Questions” interview segment where we get to know UpAllNightMovies sponsor Jessica Cale.

In this we discuss photocopiers, Bela Lugosi, and how movies got Jessica into history.