Yo, UANM Poll Four calling

Here we go again on our own…wait that doesn’t make sense, we’re not alone. I have all of you, my hopeful voters. You know how to work a poll, let’s get your thoughts. What will I watch!?!?!

You have until the Midnight December 5th. Let’s do this.

Trailer Dump post: https://upallnightmovies.com/poll-4-trailer-dump/


Movie Choice 4

What is the fourth movie we should cover on Up All Night Movies?

Thanks for your answer!

The poll has expired!

An amalgamation of Gilbert Gottfried and Rhonda Shear, original hosts for USA Up All Night. Gilbert Shear is a blogcast journalist who manages to enjoy campy, cult, and even bad movies. What better to do with that than create a platform to discuss those movies while honoring the show that celebrated them in years past.

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