Movie Number 3 Winner

You made your voices heard, and I appreciate you all for that. The third movie that will be covered on the site here is…Transylvania 6-5000! Poll results Total votes cast: 18 4th place: Bad Taste with 0 votes 3rd place: Fancypants with 2 votes 2nd place: Sharktopus with 7 votes WINNER: Transylvania 6-5000 with 9 votes You know what this means…time to get to watching soon.

Again? We get to vote again? Third UANM poll.

Yes, we’re doing this again. A third time. A trifecta. We’re asking you once again to help dictate the content of this site.

This poll you have until midnight on the 25th, so get your votes in, spread the word, and lets do this.

Trailer dump post:

Movie Choice 3

What is the third movie we should cover on Up All Night Movies?

Thanks for your answer!

The poll has expired!

The Love Witch

Love me…love me…love me…love me… That’s what Elaine, love witch, wants and I’ll see what I can do. I haven’t exactly taken any of her potions, that I know of, so I’ll have to settle on my usual fancy beer to get myself that liquid courage. Deity knows I’m not the smoothest person in town. Regardless, Elaine, love witch, is determined to find a man to love her. Eager, desperate…willing to murder? Who are you? What are you doing to me? ~ Richard, male victim I’m the love witch! I’m your ultimate fantasy! ~ Elaine, love witch Sounds kinky. I’m in, where’s a potion I can drink Elaine, love witch? Where’s my concoction? If anything, can you hook a pseudonym up with a friend? I’m not picky, just desperate myself. Back on topic Erm, well, too much personal revelations aside, in The Love Witch, Elaine, love witch, works her way

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